2002 BMW 316 • 110,000 miles

My car has heat coming from the vents, but very little, changed the cabin filter, no success, any ideas what is causing this, very slow at demisting the windows, doesn't demist the side ones at all.
November 10, 2012.

That system should be tested with the BMW proprietary scan tool, check all the fuses yet?

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 10, 2012.
Yeah checked the fuses, turns out it was the resistor for the motor inside the car, it under the driver side (right hand drive) easy enough repair though space a tad tight, need size 20 torc, and take of bottom cover, then same size takes off pipe into the resistor (beside the clutch pedal) behind the center console. Though you don't need to remove any of the center, when ya get to resistor be careful off the plastics around that area, take of the elec plugin to the resistor and remove carefully, take a small bit off maneuvering, but take your time, it will come, then once new one in rebuild and will work like new. It metal and stands out behind, so not hard to spot, its got alot of spikes on it, you can look up how to fit on utube also, thanks for the reply carpros. Sorry so long getting back to you.

Nov 30, 2012.
All good

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 7, 2012.