2001 Volvo V70 • 145,781 miles

I have had two new heavy duty batteries on my car since I purchased it second hand about 2 yrs ago, but in the last 6-8 months the battery keeps going flat, but after I have charged it over night the car will run for about 3-4 weeks then go flat again overnight, then I have to boost the battery with a booster, but some times that is not enough.
I cant seem to find out what the problem is or if there is a common problem with other volvo v70's of this yr!
Can you please help as this is doing my head in.

Kind Regards
M. Edge.
June 6, 2012.

Have you had the alternator tested?Also have you checked for a parasitic draw yet?

Jun 6, 2012.
Hi saturntech9,
i'm not sure what you mean by a parasitic draw?

Kind Regards.

Jun 7, 2012.
So have you had the alternator tested yet?A parastic draw test will test for excessive draw on the battery when the key is off.

Jun 7, 2012.