2001 Volvo S70 • 150,000 miles

My problem is the same as another member has, but I am unable to see the reply to her problem. I have taken the liberty to clip and paste the question as it is the exact problem that I have with the front passenger door.

''The drivers door will not open - all the other doors will lock and unlock using the central locking system and they open and shut as normal but the drivers door will not open, it still responds to the central locking and and the locking peg on the door goes up and down by either using the keys central locking system or by manually pulling the door lever that normally opens the door but the door still refuses to open - it seem to me that there is a mechanical connection close to the door lock that has become disconnected. Can you help please''

January 11, 2013.

Possible but I bet if you pull up on the lock peg up with a pair of pliers and try to open, it will open. The lock actuator is common for binding up


Jan 13, 2013.
Thanks Roy, but to no avail.

When I use the remote, the lock pegs jumps up, but there is no response when I pull on the inside handle or the outside handle. If I pull on the handle when sitting inside the car with the doors locked, the lock peg jumps up, but the door does not respond to the pulling of the handle.

Any ideas? Many thanks.

Jan 13, 2013.