2001 Volkswagen Golf

I have a Volkswagen golf 4. The engine oil light comes on as soon as I start the engine and the alarm also. The àlarm goes off anytime I pick up speed and does not go off. The engine oil has been guaged, the oil filter and oil switch changed but this keeps happening what else can I do
December 28, 2012.

The oil level must be dropping. Have you checked the oil level manually when this happens to see if it is low? If it is not low it is more than likely the sending unit in the oil pan that is for low oil levels. The oil light is for low oil pressure. The low oil pressure light generally menas there is mechanical damage to the engine and it will need some major repairs. In either case the oil pan will need to be pulled to get to the oil level snesor. Then you can get an idea, possibly of the extent of the damage.

Bypass the switch. If the light and buzzer still come on, then the problem is wiring / electrical.

Reply back and I will tell you how to bypass the switch.

Using a scan tool, you can monitor oil pressure, by accessing the "Instrument Cluster Control Unit". Oil pressure that does not meet
specifications @ 2000 rpm will turn the light and buzzer on. Once the engine runs faster, you might have enough oil pressure to turn
the warning off.

The trigger point is @ 2000 rpm.

Could be a lazy oil pressure switch or an oil supply issue at lower rpms (since it is ok at higher rpms).


Dec 28, 2012.
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