2001 Volkswagen Cabriolet • 150,000 miles

The old just driving along and suddenly I lost oil pressure and had a flood og oil coming from the oil filter area.

Got the car home and filled the oil and then replaced the filter. Didn't find anyhing wrong with the filter. It was a Bosch filter.

Start the car up in the garage, no oil leak. Rev it up a bit no oil leak.

Drive down the street and oil is everywhere.

Oil appears to be coming from the oil filter mount.

I have never seen a leak from this area on any car I have had.

Is this common issue on VW?
October 29, 2011.

Check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge could be clogging up or the oil pressure relief valve is not opening

Oct 31, 2011.
I know this is an old post, but in case someone is reading this.

The oil filter is mounted to the base of the oil cooler.
The oil cooler seal becomes hard &brittle over time and eventually
the seal cracks. Causing oil to leak.

To replace the seal, remove the oil filter, loosen & remove the 27mm
nut that secures the oil cooler to the mounting flange and
then lower the oil cooler to replace the seal.


Mar 12, 2012.