2001 Toyota Camry • 140,000 miles

I had lost my keyless entry remote fob and bought a used one from ebay.
The fob came with programming instructions, but no matter what I do or how many times I have tried them my car will NOT go into a programming mode by cycling power locks at the end of the sequence.
I had verified the procedure to be correct with many other internet cites
I had also disconnected the battery for few hours to hopefully reset the system in order to get it to work, but it didn't change anything
My problem has nothing to do with the replacement remote because I didn't even get to attempting to program it. The keyless entry system does NOT go into a programing mode
Here are the instructions that I have been trying to use: (the locks don't cycle in step #7)

1. Start with
a. No key in ignition
b. Driver's door unlocked
c. All other doors locked
d. Driver's door open
2. Insert key into ignition and remove
3. Press lock, pause, unlock (2 second total cycle) 5 times
4. Close, then open driver's door
5. Repeat lock, pause, unlock cycle 5 additional times
6. Insert key into ignition and turn from lock to "on" two
times (pause in
each location 1 second). (Note: "ON" not accessory position)
7. Remove key from ignition
Locks should cycle twice. If not, start over.
8. Press lock and unlock buttons on transmitter
simultaneously for 1-2
seconds then release
9. Press lock and unlock buttons on transmitter again
for 1-2 seconds then release
10. Press lock alone for 1 second, then release
Locks should cycle once
11. Close Driver's door to exit program mode.
October 15, 2013.

I am giving you a picture of the direction I have. Please read and follow them carefully.
Also make sure DOME fuse (7.5A) and DOOR fuse (25A) are good.

Oct 15, 2013.
The instructions you gave me are the same exact that I have been using and included in my question. Both fuses you mentioned are good

Oct 15, 2013.
I assume your previous key fob worked properly. Also, your door locks must be functioning properly. If so, there should not be a problem with the door lock receiver or wiring. In order to get a fresh start, disconnect the battery cables and touch them together for 5 seconds. This will discharge any capacitors in the electrical system and sometimes reset control modules stuck in "logic lock".
Perform the program enable procedure again. (Timing according to the instructions is critical) If it still won't go into program mode, you will most likely need to visit the dealership. It sounds like you are following the proper procedures and performing the operations correctly.

Oct 16, 2013.
Hello. I just wanted to follow up on your key fob issue. Have you had any luck with entering program mode?

Oct 17, 2013.
Hello. Sorry for late response. I disconnected the battery and connected the cables together for 5 seconds like u suggested I do, but it DIDNT work. The car is still not going into the programming mode.
A thing I want to mentioned to you though, maybe it will be useful.
The first time that I EVER tried programming my remote the car actually DID go into programming mode by cycling the locks two times after step 7. I was initially confused with instructions and when the car went into the programming mode instead of pressing the LOCK bottom on the remote I kept pressing the power door switch into the LOCK position. Of course that didn't program my remote and I exited the programming mode by closing the driver door and inserting the key into the ignition.
Ever since then I can't get the car into the programming mode

Oct 18, 2013.
It sounds as if the module locked itself. I have run into this with some modules in GM vehicles, but never Toyota. (Although Toyota and GM are using parts from some of the same suppliers now) I'm thinking since the discharging of the electrical system (touching cables together) didn't work, you may need to replace the door lock receiver module.

Oct 23, 2013.