2001 Subaru Legacy • 128,000 miles

Hi. I was told by a mechanic that my cars engine is gone. I was shifting gears while driving and he said that apparently the force caused the engine to blow. I would like more information on this and if this can cause a engine to blow.

*I was going about 60km an hour when I put the car into gear 3 then 2 then 1 while applying gas to get an increase in speed. When I stopped the car at a light and tryed to apply gas the car shut of. Then when I would attempt to start the engine the entire engine was shaking and making a very horrible grinding/rubbing noise while stalling. It did drive once for half a block then stalled again and then I had it towed to a mechanic.

So whats your opinion on this. Can this cause the engine to blow? I did the gear shift thing about 3 or 4 times within a few days and everything was fine but then this time this happened. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
March 24, 2013.

This is common, especially on a Subaru, The Subaru has a tendency to use oil or leak it out at the cylinder head.

Mar 24, 2013.
Did you hear any knocking or tapping when the engine was running?


While the car was running I did not hear any knocking or tapping. It was perfectly fine before hand. Just when I was going around 60km I switched gears and hit the gas and the rpm did reach about 5-6 for a few seconds before I stopped at the lights. After that the entire engine was shaking when I attempted to start the car and also it made very lound screeching/churning type of noise and then wouldnt start.
Mechanic told me he thinks the engine is gone but doesnt know for sure until he takes a complete look.

Thats why I came on here to ask if anyone knowS if this can cause an engine to blow?
Im really worried because the cost of a new engine is 1500 plus labour.

Mar 24, 2013.
Yes or no, the engine has already been damaged and you still need to have it repaired/replaced.

Timing belts, engine conditions etc can cause engines to fail when subjected to extreme conditions.

Mar 24, 2013.
KHLow is correct; however, the a bad engine won't make a screeching sound. Have the mechanic check to see what the problem is, and then come back and let me know what they say. These engines, if taken care of, are very dependable. The only problem since around 1993 is that they would blow head gaskets. That wouldn't require an engine replacement. That is what I am thinking happened.


So I spoke to the mechanic and he said it is the engine and its going to need to be replaced

Mar 25, 2013.
Did he tell you what happened?

I didnt ask but I will be speaking to him tom, ill update you and let you know what he says caused it

Mar 29, 2013.
I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you have a good Easter.

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