2001 Nissan Quest • 140,000 miles

Vibration front wheel during brake apply chaged rotor pad & amp; abs not fix
November 9, 2012.

Check and see if there are grooves in your rotors. If there are, then that is causing the vibration. Replace the rotors, unfortunately you will have to replace the pads again with the new rotors, and this will take care of the issue.

I replaced new rotors & pads above 55 mile only aplayed brake still vibrate not fix

Nov 9, 2012.
You may have not broken them in correctly. You have to progressivly usee them harder and harder. In the beginning go around your neighborhood and use them at low sppeed frequently. Don't come to a complete stop if possible as movement amkes them cool down. The will help to make them smooth and operate at the best braking power.
You can get some emery paper or wet dry paper about 600 grit or so and take some amterial off the face of the pads and then get the same and use fine instead of an 600 grit and cross hatch or use a swirling patern on the face of the rotor to create new break in surface.