2001 Nissan Maxima • 125,000 miles

My husband change my alternator on my car. After that the a/c was blowing warm air, so he added freon and changed the fuse to the compressor because it had burnt out. It worked fine the day after but then the temp started marking hot but it wasn't overheating however the a/c would blow warm for a while then cold again. Well then he took all the freon out and of course my a/c is warm air now but the car doesn't mark hot anymore? I'm not sure what could of gone wrong, any ideas?
August 23, 2013.

You need re re fill the A/C with the correct weight of refregrant, it may have been over full, this can shutdown the system and it may also damage the compressor, with the correct weight of refrigerant added the system pressures must be checked on both high and low side.

Aug 23, 2013.
He re-filled the a/c correctly and everything worked great. Until today my car actually overheated but he thinks it's the thermostat now. Thank you for your reply!

Aug 26, 2013.
Also make sure cooling fans are working and get the radiator core cleaned.

Aug 27, 2013.