2001 Nissan Cedric • 48,000 miles

I would like to know the location of high fuel pressure regulator in my 2001 nissan cedric vq25dd engine. I am just confusing with the fuel pump which installs in the fuel tank. I don't know exactly that the high pressure regulator is attached in engine or in fuel tank. If possible, I would like to get the drawing or picture of high pressure regulator.
Last week, when my mechanic checked the engine, it had got an error code (P1232). When I checked the description of error code in online, I found out that it is the failure of high pressure regulator.

Eagerly looking forward your soonest reply.

Thanks in advance.
July 12, 2012.

We don't have info for this car if it is a fuel injected car the regulator should either be right on the end of the fuel railor near it. They normally have a small vacuum line going to it. If it's a diesel ican't tel lyou as i'm not familiar with those vehicles

Jul 12, 2012.
Thanks for your prompt reply.

Jul 12, 2012.