2001 Mitsubishi Galant • 123,000 miles

Ok I have a v6 auto gallant that won't start. Owner was driving and t-belt broke at red light. Car ran ok before. The shop put a belt on and cap/rotor. Won't start-tell guy it valve related. Sells car to my buddy(mistake I tell em). In my shop now, lucky me.
So I have spark, spark tester, plugs were fuel soaked, replaced, each cylinder has 145++ lbs compression. The timing marks line good at tdc. Rotor button points to one on the cap. Took off valve covers check each cam and watched each rocker arm open/close the valves. All seamed smooth. Reassembled all and cleaned intake. Still no start. The only clue I have is that during cranking it sounds smooth/normal till I stop, then it does a short backspin. One time it even backfired thru throttle body. Usually I'd suspect timing issue but. Stumped and running out of patients. Can someone help? Thanks. Paul
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March 10, 2013.

Did you check all cylinders for compression? It sounds like bent valves


Mar 10, 2013.
Hi Roy, thanks for answering.
I did check all six cyls. 145 or better on all
What I don't get is the back fire thru throttle body.
Did a no and shot ether in tb and shot flames
Back out at me nothing serious but that tells
Me timing off? Had two other mechanics look it
Over with me and are baffled too. Can the
Crank sensor work intermittent?

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Mar 11, 2013.
I mean what gets me is that it don't even begin
To cough or act like its somewhat catching. Evens bent. Valve
Should still try to run. Wish I could record it for you to hear. Lol
Thanks a bunch.

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Mar 11, 2013.
So tonite I changed crank sensor, also triple checked
Timing belt marks. Still good. Noid light on injector plugs.
Those are flashing fast-good. Pulled fuel line off, filled
Jug fast- pump good. Plus pulled two wet plugs. Can hear
Cyls compression blead down when crank over by hand at
Balancer.. This still feels like a timing issue. Can I test
Distributor somehow. ? What should I be looking for?

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Mar 12, 2013.