2001 Lincoln Aviator • 13,400 miles

Hello, Can someone please help me. I have a 2001 Lincoln Ls. Purchased it from a lady. The car rides and runs good. Just having an issue with the a.C not coming on all the time. It seems after the car has been left alone for a good amount a time. The ac lights and temperature control lights will appear as normal and will allow me to turn on the ac, but only for a little while. It goes off when ever it feels and come back on it seems after car has turned off for a while. Do you have any Idea as to what this could be?

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February 11, 2012.

Not coming on every time you switch it on, ever? Or only every now and then? Check the switch, make sure it's passing power. Use a tight light or voltmeter.

Have it scanned for codes and have the AC system pressure tested.

Feb 11, 2012.