2001 Kia Sephia • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 130 miles

Kia sephia 01, Diagram belts,

which one is the tensioner because I been at it for about 2 hours trying to turn these bolts without have the pullies move top right use 17mm soket and the bottom use a 1/2 soket and the pull im assuming is right nest the the bottom one and under the top right and it uses a 8mm but thats just rotates 360 without doing anything.
December 2, 2010.

Don't think has tensioner ALT loosens and slides

Dec 2, 2010.
Loosen tensioner mounting bolt one turn and then back off adjusting bolt at least 10 turns or as much as necessary. You may have to pry alternator in after loosening adjuster if the pivot bolt is tight.

Dec 2, 2010.