2001 Jaguar XKR • 98,000 miles

Head rest is supposed to be electrically adjustable, and automatically both moves down when the driver's seat-back is folded forward to access the back seat and back up to the pre-set position once the seat-back is locked back. I can hear the motor whine, but the head-rest does not move. Further, the two chrome rods that the head-rest is mounted on, aren't engaged with their motors: pushing down on the head-rest while activating the adjustment switch does nothing and pulling upwards on the headrest simply pulls it of the seat back.

Kevin Denby
September 28, 2011.

Either you have a stripped gear or something inside the seat is off track. The only thing you can do is remove the seat, remove its cover and inspect.

Thanks for the prompt response. Repectfully, you have not told me anything I do not already know. What I was hoping for was information as to how to gain access the motor(s) in the seat back. Unbolting the entire seat from the floor is not a problem but having carefully examined the seat-back itself, I am at a loss as to how to go about removing the seat-back's covering without damaging it or making its re-installment impossible: the leather covering appears to be stitched completely - there is no velcro, zipper or snaps evident. I feel that once I get access to the guts of the head-rest motor I can address what is not working but I have no idea how to get to it. HELP! : -)

Kevin Denby
Sep 29, 2011.
Let me take a look at one in the AM. I'll get back with you.

It has been sixteen AMs since your last post. Any luck?

Kevin Denby
Oct 15, 2011.