2001 Hyundai Elantra

I was home for thanksgving, getting my car fixed for a diffferent issue. When the mechanic looked at my car he also said that both my front axles were blown out. He said it would be ok for me to drive it back to school, and I can get it fixed when I come back in a few weeks. Im kindof skeptical
November 26, 2012.

Look under the front of the car, look at the inside of each front wheel, down to the axle, are the rubber boots torn? On the outside or inside of the axle. Now find a parking lot you can have plenty of room in, turn the front wheels all the way to the left and ease off, now turn them to the left and repeat, are they making a popping sound? If not and if the boots are'nt torn they are probably ok. Thanks for using2CarPros

Nov 26, 2012.