2001 Honda Civic • 150,000 miles

Last week my car started sputtering and losing power at about 3500 rpm, I checked the oil and it was just about bone dry. Come to find out their was a leak in my oil pan. So I filled it back up and fixed the leak. Now a week later it started to happen again so I changed the spark plugs oil level was fine and the car seemed to run better with the new plugs. Now this morning I went and turned it on to warm it u as normal and heard a little bubble out of the engine. I couldent figure out where it came from so I
Let it warm up, about 10 mins later I went out and all the engine oil drained out of the oil filter. Kinda like it built up pressure and blew the filter lose. If thats posssible? So my question is what cuold be going on with my engine?
March 1, 2013.

It coulsbe the filter is no good, cheap one do that ut fill with oil an dput a manual pressure gauge on it to take a reading. Your pressure valve in oil pump may have stuck due to low oil then getting a piece of junk in it. I only use napa purolator, ac, wix filters.

Mar 1, 2013.
The filter was not correctly torqued resulting in it getting loose.
Hope the bearings have not been damaged by the loss of oil.

Mar 1, 2013.