2001 Honda Accord • 168,000 miles

My brake service light, battery service light, and door lights all turn on when pushing the gas pedal. But turn off when turning on airconditioner what may it be when driving
Marco carranza
January 10, 2012.

Need a lot more details but it sounds like there might be a charging system problem. Have the generator load-tested with a tester that measures "ripple". If ripple is high, you will also find the most output you can get is one third of the generator's rated capacity. That isn't enough to run the fuel pump, ignition system, and all of the computers. Computers are very sensitive to low or unstable system voltage and will do weird things.

Jan 10, 2012.
I've seen something similar in my car and it took a while to diagnose and isolate but there are 2 small accessory relays on the passenger side fuse box that can eventually go bad and wreak havoc on the instrument cluster lights and sometimes the radio.

The relays are unforuntately on the back side of the fuse panel so you have to remove the glove compartment and use bent needle nose pliers to be able to reach and pull them out. One relay is always latched when iginition is on and it sometimes it unlatches intermittently based on humidity or car pitching forward or backward (acceleration, etc)

Jan 12, 2012.
Thank you lithiumus. Sounds like that could be the problem.

Jan 12, 2012.