2001 Ford Taurus • 90,000 miles

Replaced water pump and gasket and replaced timing chain gasket due to water leaks. Pressure cleaned engine and noted no leaks. Drove car for 40-50 miles, the engine was at operating temp and noticed no leaks. Car sat for several hours (all night) and a puddle (size of a small glass of water) is under the engine. The gaskets are dry, the water pump is dry and no leaks from the weep hole. I checked all components and hoses and cannot find any trace of where this may be coming from. Any ideas? This does not happen every time, but enough to concern me.
November 30, 2012.

It could just be the run-off from the A/C. Have you tried to identify the fluid. What color is it?

Or for that matter where under the car is the puddle? Assuming it is dripping straight down, can be a good clue for troubleshooting.

Jan 6, 2013.
Yes, you can't always assume it is dripping straight down. You have to follow leaks as they will adhere and follow differrent paths before dripping on the ground. Also, there is blowback from forward movement and wind blowing fluids back past their point of origin. The best thing to go is to clean off the engine area with brake cleaner and runn the engine for a while and then get under it and trace the path of the fluid.