2001 Ford Mustang • 107,000 miles

Just read your "engine runs rough or misfires" article; very informative. My vehicle has these symptoms more often when the outside temp is warmer and/or during long distances. Low fuel level tends to amplify the problems also. Occasionally when I accelerate quickly the vehicle revs but doesn't seem to be able to get into gear and/or revs too high before up-shifting. This is fairly uncommon but the low power, jerking & sputtering during acceleration have become almost daily occurrences. Throwing a code but I cannot remember what it is: something to do with a possible O2 sensor & it was coming from only one of the banks. Sounds like I'm insane but believe me, I am very good at paying attention to intermittent issues in order to provide information to repair them. Please help!
March 6, 2013.

We eed the code number.

Check the trans fluid. Beyond that you may need a test drive from a trans shop to see if that is the issue.

When was the last time you changed plugs/wires/coils?


I will take it over to O'Reilly's to have the code pulled again. The previous owner had done the spark plugs just before selling it to me which was a year ago. The transmission fluid seems fine. It is a very oddly intermittent problem occurring. I thought trans too but it's very rare and it only happens when the car is acting up. When it is cooler the car runs fine and I have no shifting problems. Forgot to tell you that I do have an exhaust leak but find it hard to believe this is all from that but what do I know!

Mar 6, 2013.
When did you service the trans last?

What motor?