2001 Dodge Intrepid • 200,000 miles

Ok, so Monday, I went to the pharmacy and backing out of the parking spot, the car just slammed to a stop like I hit something. Fortunately, I got it to move again, and got it home. Now it will start and run fine, but I cant move it at all. Not even in neutral with the engine on or off. Its almost like there's a parking brake on or something. If I put it in gear, I can feel the tranny shift, but it acts like something is holding it there. When I was driving it home Monday, there were a couple times when it sounded like a kid riding a bike with a card in the spokes. When it did that, I stopped, put it in park, then back in drive and went on my way without too much of a problem.
Any ideas would be helpfull
Craig jaster
December 7, 2012.

Check CV joints may have droped one if good then internal transaxle problem

Dec 7, 2012.
Yea, I jacked it up, pulled the wheels off the front and checked the CV joints.
The driver side is fine and the passenger side is fine, but when I put it in drive, the axles turn, but there's a clanking coming from the splines where the passenger side axle goes into the transaxle. I guess that's where the problem is. The axle also slides in and out verry loosely. With 225000 miles on this thing, and the other problems it has, I'm thinking that it's not really worth putting any more money into. So anybody needing a good body and a decent engine. Let me know.
Thanks for the help

Craig jaster
Dec 9, 2012.