2001 Dodge Dakota • 194,500 miles

About 5 months ago, my radio cut out while I was driving. It came back on not even seconds later. It did it again a week later, and it didn't come back on for a few minutes. The second time I noticed my blinkers weren't working, either. They weren't coming on inside or outside. I ignored it, thinking it was nothing serious, but it started happening more and more often, and it stayed off for longer periods of time. I thought it was just a short, but than I thought it was pretty weird, considering the blinkers and radio always cut out at the same time. About two months ago, they both cut off and haven't been back since. I have no idea how these two are related, I hope someone can help. I've also been notching other shorts as well, my horn, my cruise control, though not always at the same time. I've had all my fuses checked and replaced and nothings changed. What could this be?
December 10, 2012.

Start by looking at the ignition switch connector for signs of overheated terminals or melted plastic.

Dec 10, 2012.
I actually figured a trick out. I was looking around a lot of dodge forum sites for others having similar problems, and I found some answers. Someone suggested that if I drive with the tilt steering wheel in the lower position, to tilt it to the highest position. So I tried it, and it worked! Everything came back on. It only works with the steering wheel in the highest position available though. What do you think I could do to fix it so I can drive comfortably again?

Dec 13, 2012.