2001 Chrysler Sebring • 165,000 miles

I replaced the crankshaft sensor, and by doing the ignition trick of on and off, I get the following diagnostic codes. P0340 ( camshaft position sensor ), P1388 ( Auto shutdown (ASD) ), P0622 ( Alternator field improper switching ), P1289 ( Mamifold tune valve solenoid circuit ), P1282 fuel pump relay control circuit. I bought another camshaft position sensor, but haven't replaced it yet, because for some reason I don't feel that is the source of not starting. This car has the 2.7l engine, and turns over easily, and will act like it is trying to start when I first turn on the ignition, but then just turns over and over. If I leave the upper manifold off, and try starting I do get flames up through the ports.
I do remember there was a ground wire bolted to the right side head, on the transmission end, but I have looked and looked and for some reason I cannot find the wire with the eyelet to bolt back to the head. I don't know if not having this ground wire attached could be the problem. I don't know what the ground wire came from. I am a 60 year old amateur mechanic, and this is the first time I have ever replaced a head, but other than that, I am pretty confident about most of the basics. I tripled checked the position of the timing chain, so that all the marks on the camshafts and crankshaft were properly lined up with the marks on the chain.
October 2, 2012.

First, do a compression test to verify the compression. Did you double check your timing marks?

If you leave off the manifold, the motor will run away and most likey fail.

Start with basics first, compression, fuel pressure and spark.


Unfortunately I don't have a way to test the compression, however I guess I could get whatever tool I would need to do this. The only reason I started this on my own, was due to my limited budget, presently on disability. My original goal was just to replace the water pump, which as it turned out, was broken, however it was only then that I found about a 4" crack in my right side head. So suddenly I was in for more than I had planned on. On the good side, I found a great forum dealing with replacing the water pump and most importantly, exactly how to match up all of the marks on the timing chain. That being said, I really tried to make sure both camshafts and the crankshaft marks were all lined up with correct colored links on the timing chain. I also installed a new timing chain tensioner. I did have a friend come over and with his meter he said that I was getting pulse to the injectors and that the fuel pump was ok. Beyond that I am clueless about what to try next. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Oct 2, 2012.
Is there power to the fuel pump with the key on?

Injector pulse? Do you mean 12 volts on one side? The other side should pulse with the engine cranking.

If you spray carb cleaner into the air filter, does it start and die?