2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser • 106,000 miles

Driving about 25 miles an hour and car died key turns but no crank

2001 limited at has 106k belt done about 10k ago. Lights work radio flashers windows dash light all power works. Just when you turn the key I get the chime but then nothing else. Lights dont dim no clicking. Key just moves to start and thats all

Checked all fuses and relays changes ign switch componets and cranckshaft sensor andeven threw anew battery in for the hell of it.

Will crank if you cross the starter and timing belt is fine just wont start.

Had too different people check with their diag tools and it wont communicate with the computer (PCM).

Is there a fuse before the computer (PCM) besides the ASD and is it possible to chk the computer before just buying one.

Thanks for the help
February 3, 2013.

First, this sounds like there wouldn't be any trouble codes. That is why you may note be getting anything from the computer. Do you have power to the starter relay?