2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser • 6 cylinder 2WD • 177 miles

My oil dipstick is missing I have a 2001 PT Cruiser.I cannot find the hole tht it went in either. It is like it dissapeared. Help I think I need to add oil it is 2000miles past do oil change. An I canno afford to do that or I would.I just need to know how to check it or fix it? Or even wherethe thing is. Now.I do no want to blow it up ifthe oil is low but I am afraid to add any becaus everyoe I have talked to says that could hurt it too.I am a single Mom and will be stranded withno way tomake a living if this car dies. Please help!
June 18, 2011.

You need to get a dipstick and locate the dipstick tube. You may have to go to the dealer for the dipstick, it's not a common aftermarket part that can be found at a car parts store. To find the dipstick tube you may use a flash light to make it easier. Open the hood and you will see a plastic piece on the top of the engine. This piece splits into four chambers going towards the front bumper. The dipstick tube is right in front (closer to you) of the second chamber from the left. It is a black metal tube with the opening facing up.

Jun 18, 2011.
4 cylinders and not a V6

Jun 18, 2011.