2001 Chrysler Intrepid • 60,000 miles

Hi! I own a 2001 chrysler intrepid, 6 cilinders, engine 2.7L, I live in chicago so weather is very cold at this time of the year (5f to 15f degrees) 4 days ago in the morning I turn the car on and let it warm for 30 minutes, when I start driving the steering wheell was very hard to turn, like the was off, but when I push the gas pedal the steering wheell is easy to turn, does anybody knows what the problem is?
January 26, 2013.

The dandy clue you included is the power assist comes back when you raise engine speed. Needs a new power steering pump. This is the "ZF" style pump, and it has had the same problem since the mid '90s.

One note: Chrysler has built a real lot of tough, amazing engines. The 2.7L is not one of them. Letting it idle for a long time can reduce the amount of oil that sprays onto the cylinder walls and gets pumped through the bearings. This engine already has a higher than normal bearing failure rate. What you're doing can aggravate that.

Sorry to hear you're so far north. I'm four hours north of you, and I really hate winter.

Jan 27, 2013.