2001 Chevrolet Suburban • 140,000 miles

Just received my new ac delco replacement fuel filter. When I went to install it I noticed there was no strainer in the box. Is this a new design with the strainer built in or am I missing a part? Please let me know.
July 6, 2012.

When I went to the AC Delco sight, that part number came up as a fuel pump. If that is what you have and you are talking about the white sock strainer, you will probably have to order it seperatly.
I am perplexed though if you have a fuel filter. It may be a mistake or you have to remove your old strainer and clean it. This will probably be just fine as long as it is in good shape. Use Brake Cleaner and spray it from the inside out. Of course it is best to get the new part.
You can go to and they have a bunch of different vendors that have been used for years and are reputable. You would probably want to use their Rock Auto link.

Thanks for the reply. I called AC Delco and spoke with customer support. Apparently the new MU1618 pump assembly has the strainer built inside the unit. The old strainer cannot be installed on the new unit. And FYI - the old pump assembly had (3) posts that the springs were loaded against. The new pump assembly has only two.

Jul 6, 2012.
I am glad it got worked out. Thanks for the information too. After all information is golden to us and our customers.
Internal filter, that is interesting.