2001 Chevrolet Suburban • 124,000 miles

A DTC Code P1518 appeared on my '01 Chevy Suburban 2500 2WD 6.0L and at the same time a message saying "Reduced Engine Power". I had a machanic check the wiring and ground connections. The error returned after driving just 35 miles again. My TAC module has a part no. "BD 25173339 C" that I am trying to find used. Online suggests that a number of other vehicle models use the same module, how can I know if I have the correct module? Also I don't know the difference between refrences to TAC, ECM, or PCM modules. Can you help me please?
December 7, 2012.

Modules are vin specific so even if you got a used one it wouldn't work it has to be programmed to your vehicle. There is a whole procedure to checking this module which one is to check for low battery voltage also check throt cont fuse in underhood fuse box. It can bea bad pcm as well or more likely a poor connection/pinched wire.

Dec 7, 2012.