2001 Chevrolet Blazer • 192,000 miles

I jus finished replacing the 4.3 v6 engine with a new one. Motor turns over but will not start. Spark is good and fuel and fuel pressure is good. All wires are hooked up we have not been able to get the motor to start yet. It will try to start when fuel is put directly in the top of intake but it seems like the injectors aren't pumping gas. Like the computer or something isn't letting the injectors pump. Pls help I need answer as soon as possible. I need this vehicle for work. Thanks.
August 27, 2013.

If you have spark, good fuel pressure, compression, and the timing is correct, it should run unless the fuel injectors are not getting power. You could have good fuel pressure in the rail but not be injecting any into the engine. Check them and see if there is power to them.

We think we have figured out the problem. We disassembled the top plastic cover of the intake on the other bad motor we took out and I guess it the fuel regulator on the back of the spider valvewas almost completely clogg up in the screen so we think the same is the problem in the replacement motor. Both engines sat for a period of over three yrs. But ill refer back to you if we still have problems. Thnx for the response

Aug 27, 2013.
Happy to help. Let me know what you find.