2001 Buick Park Avenue • 6 cylinder • 127,000 miles

How do you relace the LEDs behind the heater control buttons on a 2001 Buick Park Avenue?
Tim Medford
January 19, 2011.

IF they are replaceable, you need to remove the panel to access them.

It just so happen my '98 buick park avenue had same problem.. It all started when the battery was dead; left sitting for three weeks. I used slow charger overnight at 2 amp setting, work fine until noise coming from inside the dash, sound like actuator trying to close a valve; before this happened I did disconnected my negative cable to install an electrical item. I tried troubleshooting every conceiveable search on fuse, loose wiring and ohmmeter; the noise was driving me crazy. Still my battery was losing charge when I left parking few days, now another problem; driver side has heat and passenger has cool air, and can't get the heat or temperature change. Even when I shut off climate system, hot air still vent through the driver side even when the control is off. I went online try to read up other identical problems. One guy mentioned disconnect the battery positive cable and leave the negative intact for 30 minutes; wrong! Wrong! You never disconnect positive cable until negative cable first disconnected, law of electrical theory. What I did was disconnected neg (-) cable, then disconnected positive (+) cable, waited 40 minutes; reconnected pos (+) cable, then the negative (-) cable. Be very careful not making metal to matel contact when tighten cable's nuts. This will reset the computer brain to original setting. That'd eliminate the actuation noise; the temperature malfunction heater on driver side and cool air on passenger side are working perfect. One more thing, the negative cable was not tightened when I disconnected the neg cable to install an elect. Item. This could have caused changes in voltage going to the computer box. Hope I didn't bore you guys but i'd find many similar cooling and blower motor problems posted on buick forum. I hope this information help. Make sure both battery cables are tightened whenever loosen for any reason. Fireside

Robert chow
Sep 28, 2011.