2001 Acura EL • 115,000 miles

My car has been in the garage for 3 days and went to start it and it makes a zooming noise in the dash and all the lights come on and on the odometer it shows 8888888 as mileage. It will not turn over. HELP! Not sure if its because it has been quite cold out? I did have a service light on it weeks ago and the mechanic checked it and they could not find any problems therefore re-set the service light. Any advice please?
January 27, 2013.

Check engine light always shows an issue. If your tech cannot find, you need a new shop.

It sounds like the battery is low. Get a trickle charger and charge the battery first.


Jan 27, 2013.
Hi, I got the same problem. It seems the battery is giving me power because the light can be put on an d I can turn the interior lights on too. When I'm turning the key to start the engine, the ligths of the dashboard flicker and there are buzzing sound from all over the dashboard. I had already seen it but only for few seconds and then it was starting correctly. Is it really a problem with the battery? Or the fuses? Or the computer?

Luc Gauvin
Nov 17, 2013.