2000 Toyota Celica • 18,600 miles

Car will start and run for 4 seconds then die. I hooked up injector tester and it will spark for the four seconds then as soon as the spark stops / the motor dies.
it comes up with code 1300.
it will not start if I just turn the key from the on position also there is no injector flash..
but it will start if I turn the key back to off then try to restart it

March 7, 2013.

We need the P code for the failure.

Does it have spark? Does it have fuel pressure?

What kind of injector tester? There will be no pulse when the motor stalls.


This is the engine code P1300
it has spark and fuel pressure for 4 seconds then none

performance tech W89500 electronic fuel injection test light set (noid light set )

it seems as if the light from the injector tester goes out just before the motor dies

Bobby danley
Mar 7, 2013.
A DIS (Direct Ignition System) has been adopted. The DIS improves the ignition timing accuracy, reduces high-voltage loss, and enhances the the overall reliability of the ignition system by eliminating the distributor. The DIS is a 1-cylinder ignition system which ignites one cylinder with one ignition coil. In the 1-cylinder ignition system, the one spark plug is connected to the end of the secondary winding. High voltage generated in the secondary winding is applied directly to the spark plug. The spark of the spark plug pass from the center electrode to the ground electrode.
The ECM determines ignition timing and outputs the ignition signals (IGT) for each cylinder. Based on IGT signals, the power transistors in the igniter cuts off the current to the primary coil in the ignition coil is supplied to the spark plug that are connected to the end of the secondary coil. At the same time, the igniter also sends an ignition confirmation signal (IGF) as a fail-safe measure to the ECM.

I have a copy of the circuit description. Is this your answer to help me with my problem. Thanks for your time and trouble.

Bobby danley
Mar 8, 2013.
The code indicates a fault with the ignition coil and/or its circuit. It could also be due to a faulty ECM.

Mar 8, 2013.
New coils / crank sensor / cam sensor / ecm / replaced wiring harness under the hood. I am still searching for a answer. Why will it start and run for 4 seconds then die

Bobby danley
Apr 2, 2013.
Is the trouble code still the same?
Were the wiring connections between the ignition coils and PCM checked/tested?
Have you tried another PCM?

Apr 2, 2013.