2000 Toyota Camry • 109,960 miles

Just wanted to know if there could be an issue with my car. Several times in the morning or whenever I start my car for the first time in the day there's this white or kinda blue-ish smoke that comes out from the muffler. It doesn't happen often. No codes or check engine light is on. Any ideas? Thanks.
July 29, 2013.

Many times, condensation collects in the exhaust that can cause steam to come out when it first starts to run. However, blue smoke would indicate oil being burned. That could be from many things. Also, true white smoke is often an indicator that the head gasket is bad and allowing coolant to get into the combustion chamber.

If you are not adding coolant, chances are that isn't the problem. Also, if there is no oil consumption, then I really wouldn't think that is an issue either.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Is it an indication that the engine might die on me? I'm not adding coolant. When there's smoke it does give me a weird smell.

Aug 3, 2013.
I don't think it will die on you, but you may have the start of a bad head gasket.

Oh ok. How much do I expect on repairing it? And this morning I had trouble starting the engine. It started on the 3rd time. Thanks for your advice

Aug 13, 2013.
It is hard for me to give a price because I don't know where you live. However, it is roughly a 500.00 dollar job around here.