2000 Pontiac Trans Am • V8 2WD Automatic • 93,000 miles

Im not sure the exact term for the line but I think its the pressure line. It starts as a rubber line at the p/s cooler and runs to the steering rack. The rubber part of the hose is broken in two, but the metal portion of the line is fine. Am I calling it the rite thing, I need to replace it and need to know exactly what it is.
July 22, 2011.

I also need to know the cheapest to find the line that I need.

Jul 22, 2011.
If it looks like this photo from rockauto. Com, that's the high pressure hose. It's not expensive compared to some hoses. Notice the two heavy duty crimps at each end of the rubber hose. If the hose you're looking at has spring metal bands for clamps on the ends of the rubber hose, that's the return hose. You can buy that in bulk from any auto parts store.

When you screw the new fitting into your rack and pinion assembly, be sure to run it in at least a few turns by hand so you know it's not cross threaded. The housing is made of aluminum and the threads can be destroyed very easily. It's recommended to use a flare nut wrench to prevent rounding off the soft brass nut.

Jul 22, 2011.