2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue • 165,000 miles

Today I cranked my car and got a loud boom from under the hood. Smoke was coming out. I thought my motor had blew up. Well, thankfully not, However, for some reason my air box (im guessing its called; holds my air filter and connects to the motor and radiator) had the urge to explode. My question is what made it do this? And can I duck tape it or gorrilla glue it until I can get it fixed. My husband drives 70 miles to work one way. Well after the smoke cleared my car did crank up and we drove it to the back yard. Seemed to run alright besides it was getting to much air in there. HELP please. CW
January 5, 2013.

The only thing I can think of that would cause that would be if it backfired through the intake system. As far as repairing the air box, that would be fine, but it should be replaced. You have a MAF sensor that determines how much air is going into the engine. If it is wrong, the engine will not run properly.

Thanks. We had a friend to say it was the timing on it? I just wanted to check around for different opinions. I figured if it was the timing it would not run/crank?

Jan 5, 2013.
Bad timing can cause it to backfire, but if it is running good, timing doesn't sound like the issue.