2000 Mitsubishi Lancer • 205,052 miles

Hi there, My question is; How to clean the internal lines of the carburetor. I opened the carburetor to fix the accelerator pump which is combined with the float bowl. Now there is no petrol coming out of the fuel line at the throat of the carburetor. (I purchased a new plunger kit and I sprayed carburetor cleaner from one end of this fuel line to other and it came out from the other end, but I'm not sure how clear is this fuel line). This cause the engine stalls and lack of power especially in cold weather. Apart from this, the "O" rings (rubber rings) on the main jet were wear out and the tail pipe was producing black smoke even at idle, so I replaced them but not with the exact ones. Due to this the engine backfires at the intake manifold, loses power and sometime the engine stops. Your help will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
January 8, 2013.

There are solutions that require complwtw dis assembly of carb, immerse in the fluid and then rinse and blow out all passages.

Compressed air may do it but if it is carbon, you need the solution to help


Thanks Roy for your time and reply. I was lucky enough to get one used carburetor from used car parts shop (used engines imported from Malaysia). The accelerator pump's response of this carb is much better and hopefully it will solve the problem. After installing this carb, I will try my car's original carb one more time. Spare parts are the key to success !

Mohsin. (Lancerdriver)

Jan 11, 2013.