2000 Mercury Marquis • V8 2WD Automatic • 165,000 miles

2000 Grand Marquis won't accelerate while in Drive and also discovered I have no Brake lights or signal lights. What can I do?
August 16, 2011.

If the check engine light is on, have the computer scanned to identify trouble codes. As far as power, make sure the catalytic converter isn't plugged, check fuel pressure, check air filter for blockage.

If all tail lights went out at once, check for a bad body ground. Also, check to make sure the headlight switch is good. Power runs through it for the tail lights too.

Im working the same issue right now, about the hazard lights going out. And not working everytime I put the fuse in number 5 it blows out. But the hazard lights are good check the pigtails on one or all the lights trust me. I have a 1999 gm. I have brought lcm, brake switch, multi swithch but did not check the pigtails on it in the morning brought a multimeter, it fun trying to find the issue. Look at it like that? Ill let you know when the issue is fixed but do u have a system in the car check where the remote wire is but if you find it hooked to the frame its too late cause it power running to the amp. When you power the car up. Not trying to make money just in the army and have time to help if I can.

Sep 17, 2011.