2000 Mazda Millenia • 269,000 miles

Hey I have a 2000 Mazda Millenia. A battery light came on that said charge. I removed the battery and charged it. When putting the battery back it was placed wrong. The main fuse popped and the car would not start or say anything. I replaced the fuse. The car started. After driving it the car started going haywire. Lights, flashers, everything. The car shutdown. When trying to restart it, It alomst acts like the battery is dead. The lights are coming on. But when I turn the switch some times it clicks. Sometimes it says nothing. Sometimes it tries to turn over briefly. What do you think the problem is and possible solution?
March 4, 2013.

First I would try a different battery, it may have been shorted when you hooked things up wrong, of there are a lot of possibilities in this case but try a different battery first.

Mar 4, 2013.