2000 Mazda 626 • 180,000 miles

I was driving home when my car just stops working, the power steering and all else. I forced it off the road in a prkinglot to find out I had no oil but there was never a warning light to let me know. After being pulled the rest of the way home I filled it up with oil and it starts but it dies if I stop tapping the gas. I find out there was no coolant for my radiator. But my car perfectly fine starting up when I was on my way home. So I fill it up with water and it stays running without me pressing the gas but theres a noise in my engine that wasnt there before. I turned it off and went inside, a couple hours later I jump in my car to leave and my car doesnt want to fully start. It trys but fails. Wtf
November 6, 2012.

You never checked the oil and monitor the coolant temperature and level and now you should be looking for a new engine. The lack of oil has most probably spun a rod and the overheating could have damaged the head gasket.
You would need to perform diagostics to determine the extent of the damage.

Nov 6, 2012.