2000 Lincoln Navigator • 17,000 miles

CLIMATE CONTROL UNRESPONSIVE; A year ago a had a pioneer touch screen stereo installed and a couple lights on the climate control mod quit working. Installer said must be a coincidense. It still worked so I didn't mess with it. So a month ago I had a amp and new speakers installed. When I picked it up the heater blower was on high and nothing works, no lights, no screen showing inside or outside temp, and it wont change from defrost to anything but is stuck on high heat defrost. Installer assured me he never touched the heater at all. He even pulled the climate mod out and again must be a coincidence. I bought a new climate module and no change in operatation. Any Ideas?
December 3, 2012.

It has to do with the wiring. If you tell them to remove all the stuff they installed and put it back to original, I bet the system returns to normal.

All they did the second time was add a amp and replace exsisting speakers. They powered the amp direct to the battery. How could that affect the climate module? T

Dec 4, 2012.
Cant tell you without seeing it and touching it. It sounds like they tied into the hvac wiring somewhere. It could be load sensitive.