2000 Infiniti I30 • 131,000 miles

Recently I replaced water pump on 00 Infinity I30 3.0 by my self. End up taking off the intake manifold as well to check to see the condition inside. Noticed it was full of oil; washed by putting fuel inside and had it flushed, after when I finished cleaning I installed the intake manifold back and instead of replacing the intake manifold seal I put the sealant instead.
Now this cars have a chain where the ADV IGN should be at? What degree, on my scanner it showed ADV IGN 5 degrees and I have other vehicles at the house I noticed that they are 5 degree higher. My engine runs rough now; it wont accelerate same way when I test drove my car. If I try to hold the rpm at about 3 rpm it wont stay it starts to go up and down. But if I just push the pedal once the rpm go up and down just fine as long as I don't hold it steady. The ECU starting to show few DTC's p1165 and p1130. Trying to figure out what I did wrong. Is it possible that when I put the water pump back I some how messed up the ignition timing? Or is it because of the sealant that I put in and now it has restrictions? And I noticed that the engine is getting hotter now because fans come more often now then before installing the water pump.
February 12, 2012.

Are you sure there are no vacuum leaks? Have you checked the idle air control valve?

Can you give a walk trough on how would I check the idle air control valve please? Thanks.

The easiest thing to do is remove it from the throttle body and let it plugged in. Have a helper turn the key from off to on several times (not starting the vehicle). At the end of the IAC is a pintel valve. As the key goes on and off, it should move. It won't move a lot, but it should move.

What other factors may be causing this problem? When I drive in lower rpm first gear; when, I drop the gas pedal then slightly press it again I hear a wheel slip noise coming from the engine? It just runs rough for some reason and I can feel how windshield vibrates I guess is do to the vehicles current 1000 rpm level, the rpm won't drop below 900 that just said. Also, transmission is shifting harder not like it used to smooth all the way. When I shift put in in reverse it jerks the car.

Are you sure the transmission isn't causing the problems?

NO I don't think is transmission causing all this problem. Tranny was fine before I started the water pump repair. My focus at this point is intake manifold since I took it a part. Or maybe the new water pump is causing this. I'm still concern about the timing whether or not may it skip the teeth on the chain, thats the only thing I can think of right now. Everything else I put back together like it was before.