2000 Infiniti G20 • 165 miles

I bought this car with no remote. I had trouble with the battery going dead and had to jump off for a few days. Well the last time I jumped it off the alarm went off. I turned it off using the key in the drivers door. I went the next day and bought a new battery and installed. Now I have power but will not start. The engine will turn over but I don't hear the fuel prime. How do I reset the fuel injection?
October 22, 2012.

Check and test fuse no.17 15amp in the fuse block this is the one that powers the fuel pump and fuel pump relay at center of dash-

Do this direct battery voltage to the fuel pump wiring connector black and yellow and see if the pump works-let me know

Oct 22, 2012.
I'd start by checking the fuses inside and under the hood. It's getting pretty common for them to blow from the surge when connecting the battery.

Oct 22, 2012.