2000 Ford Taurus • 123,000 miles

On cold mornings, my car runs very rough for less than a minute before smoothing out. Unless its extremely cold or been sitting for long periods of time, (not to the same extent as when I start it up in the morning); it starts and runs find for the rest of the day. Sounds like a misfire and sometimes I get a general misfire code. I have changed the spark plugs and wires with Ford Motorcraft recommended replacement parts. The camshaft synchronizer was making a mild chirping sound (118,000 miles), so I replaced it along with the crankshaft position sensor. My ODB2 scanner gave me a temperature sensor reading, "out of range." This is the only thing that has improved the original problem with the car running extremely rough and stalling, but did not fix it completely. Some other things I did was to clean the PVC valve, check for vacuum leaks, cleaned the air idle control valve and MAF sensor with no change. Any ideas for isolating the root cause would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Paul
March 17, 2013.

What were the exact codes? Codes never identify bad parts, just failed systems.


Mar 17, 2013.
The code I get from time-to-time is a P0300 - General Misfire. Vulcan Engine, VIN Code U - Thanks!

Mar 17, 2013.