2000 Ford Mustang • 140,000 miles

Hi, I found a mustang gt convertable for sale, its a five speed, with 104,000 miles on it. There's no rust, car is very clean. The owner said there's nothing wrong and it runs perfect. I am going to check it out in a couple days. I've seen pictures of it and its a very nice looking car. Im on disability and just received my backpay.I've been browsing looking for a "toy" and came across it. The owner wants $2,800, Im not expecting a flawless car, but
don't want a lemon either. If you were me, would you take the chance and grab it? And if not, why? My funds are limited and I only have $3,000 to spend. And this car is pretty much the only one in my price range. Please, I need a second opinion, help me! Thank you!

me, would you take the chance and buy it? Im mechanicaly inclined and know what to look for, Im just looking for a second opinion.
January 19, 2013.

I would have the car checked out front to back and top to bottom before buying it. If he does not agree to it, walk away


Jan 19, 2013.