2000 Ford Excursion • 150 miles

Tried to replace the front brakes on my 2000 Ford Excursion a few months ago. I couldnt get one of the parts off and decided that I was in over my head. I pressed the breaks and blew the caliper. Took it to our local shop and they replaced the front breaks and caliper, However the ABS light remain on. They said that the breaks were fine and that the light should go off after driving for a while. It has not. I have an interested buyer @ this time and the light is still on. I ran a test and the codes that came up were c1155 & 58 which I know its senors. Is this a big deal to fix and the costs? I am unemployed with not alot of $$. I am trading my car for another.

CT Mobile
December 6, 2012.

You need to take it back to the people that did the brakes. Something got messed up in the left front with the speed sensor and they never should have let the truck leave that way. The statement that the light would go out on it's own is pure BS.

Dec 6, 2012.