2000 Dodge Caravan • 159,000 miles

I need to replace the windshield washer motor. It mounts on th botton of the reservior, I can't find the scews to remove the windshiel washer reservior. I removed th reservir for the radiator. The car manual book I have states remove screws from the plenim. Thanks in advance for the support.

Mike Hately
mrhately@juno. Com
February 6, 2013.

Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.
Safely raise and support the vehicle.
Remove right front wheel.
Remove front wheelhouse splash shield.
Disconnect connectors from the front and rear window washer pumps, the fluid level sensor, and the rear washer hose.
If washer bottle has fluid in it place suitable drain hose under drain pan connections.
Dis connect front washer hose at the front wiper unit in engine compartment. The front hose will be removed with the bottle.
Allow washer bottle to drain.
Remove screws holding washer bottle to front fender support and remove bottle.
It looks like the bottle removes from the bottom. If you see a better way, use your own intiative.

Feb 6, 2013.