2000 Chevrolet Truck • 12,600 miles

Well I just brought a truck and nosie that there a nosie coming from the passes. Side of the truck and thought it was road but it was not. So I look and we only have one wheel weight on driver side. So we took it in and they put on weight on truck and it balance and it still make that noise. Should we rotated the tires? Wheel barrens? Don't know do u. Let me know
February 23, 2013.

What are you trying to solve by looking at the wheel weights? The fewer on any wheel, the better. That has nothing to do with any kind of noise. An out-of-balance wheel will cause a thumping vibration at highway speeds.

If the noise you're hearing sounds like an airplane engine, the most common cause is a noisy front wheel bearing. That is not a serious problem but it will have to be replaced.

Feb 23, 2013.