2000 Chevrolet Tracker • 4 cylinder 4WD Automatic • 285,000 miles

I drained rad on 2000 chevy tracker to change thermostat when I refilled rad water wouldn't circulate. I removed water pump but it appeared in good condition so I replaced it refilled rad and it still wouldn't get into block even though the heat gauge was in red don't know what else to do.
Hal Lar
December 10, 2010.


Here are a couple things to do.

First and formost double check Thermostat, make sure you put it in the correct way. Spring side goes toward engine.

If thermostat is in correctly then remove it and put back together. If circulates the you possibly got a defective thermostat. To check thermostat you can boil some water and place it in if opens then should be good.

Another possibility is that there is an air bubble in system. They can be very difficult to get out.

One way to attempt to get it out is to jack up the car at the front of the engine as high as you safely can. Run engine with radiator cap at first notch for a while till engine is at operating temp, some coolant will spill out the cap. Turn vehicle off refill radiator. Replace cap fully and run engine. If all is normal your done if not you may need to repeat a few times.


Dec 10, 2010.
Thanks for your help I am going to try your suggestion tomorrow. I did boil water and put thermostat in and it did open so that's not the problem. If all else fails I will remove the damn thermostat and try it again.

Hal Lar
Dec 10, 2010.