2000 Chevrolet Tahoe

I Wanted To Know What Could Be Wrong? Yesterday Morning I Was Drive My car To School, I Stop At The Gas Station To fill Up. After I Was Done I Got Back In And Tried To Start The Car Up. I Got No Response No Start Crank Or Anything Not A Sound, I Tried To Turn Lights On And Nothing Will Work. As I Turn the Key Back To Take It Off I Heard A Clicking Sound As If It Was Trying To Give Some Power (Eletric) B/c I had A Car Charger Plug Up, And It Was Flashing As If It Was A Shortage In It, I Was Thinking Maybe It Was A Fuse Problem B/c I Took The Battery And Bought A New One And Still Nothing Happen.
January 4, 2013.

Did you check for voltage, anywhere? Check for voltage at the fuse box. Some fuses go hot with key on, some are hot all the time. Check battery connections on both ends. You have a starter relay, under the hood.

Jan 4, 2013.