2000 Buick Regal • 142,000 miles

P0742 is the code I got from getting it tested the car was running fine for about 2 hrs then all of a sudden it started to shift rough service engine soon light came on it was even making like a whinning sound I hear alot of impala taxi's sound like that lol so this has something to do with torque converter? I drove car to work today it ran fine should I wait to see if it happends again or should I get it checked?I also heard bad spark plugs can cause this to happen PLZ HELP
November 26, 2012.

Have a trans guy look at this your code is the torque converter switch is off it may have become stuck and in need of fluid or other internal work before damage is done.

Nov 26, 2012.
Ok thanks I checked trans fluid its needed alittle to top up but its clean and doesnt smell burnt or anything and since 2 nights ago hasnt done it since plus I might add the other day was the first time the car has been driven in about a month

Nov 27, 2012.