2000 Buick Lesabre • 117,000 miles

Can someone help me please. My car runs perfect starts rite up and drives smooth. But after I stop at a few places and shut the car off.I will turn the key and it kicks like its going to start but then it dont and then when I turn the key and hit the gas a little bit it will start up and stay running. It starts doing that when I shut it off. So I decided to put car md in and it poped the code P0412. And it tells me what to check but I dont know what this means pcm or the air solnoid.I dont know were they are located at in my 2000 buick lesabre. Can someone help me please give me a tip on what to check? Please? Thank you
May 31, 2012.

I looked up the code and I came up with, "Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Solenoid Relay Control Circuit".
It is located on top of the air pump. It preobably needs replacement.

Ok cool thanks alot man, yah for sure I just didnt know were it was located.

May 31, 2012.
You are very welcome. Come back any time you need anything.